About Us

About Bondage Into Love 

We Stick To "Safe, Sane, Consensual" 

We provide Bondage Gears Or Bondage Equipment For Or Kinds Of Kinksters.


 All the bondage about sex comes from love, from the love of the Submissive Side to the dominant Side. Sex is the ultimate expression of love. At Bondage Into Love, we provide a unique way to express LOVE, from the Submissive To the Dominant.


For Love, love has no boundaries, it is tolerant and selfless, so whether it is Sissy, or the love between Gay and Or couples, it is commendable. Sex is complicated, which is a kind of psychological A mixture of emotional and physical emotions, we provide bondage Gears / Kits/ Equipment to allow different types of love to be expressed.


Bondage Into Love , We offer Bondage Gears That Comfortable To Use, We Care The Feeling of how our customer use it.

Maybe the BDSM way to express love looks a little bit different or strange, we can deeply know that, it‘s a way to show love,  to sacrifice, to give, for the reason that we really care our partners.

All of ways to express love should be respected , and can never be falsely understood or judged. 

Never show bias or judge .