How To Play Chastity Femdom

To Who May Interested In Chastity Sissy / Key holder / Male Chastity Femdom / Maid Chastity. 

It‘s hard to separate from Love from Sex. Many Fetishes love different ways during sexual play. Now, Let’s talk about Chastity Femdom.

To A Mistress Queen, How to please the Mistress With Chastity Femdom Play? 

Between the relationship between Mistress Dom And The Sub , How to play something new during sexual activity? Some kinds of outfit or suit help turn the player on and hit the excitement between both sides.

Step 1- > To Make the Sub looks really like a sub. 

Here‘s the example of Chastity sissy play. 

Sissy Maid Chastity Look,

Make the male partner look like a Chastity Maid from the Dressing Look, Wearing like a maid, and the Masculinity Disappeared Suddenly. And Serve the Mistress Queen well, Stand by side and worth the Mistress‘s Feet. This usually turns The Mistress Dominator On, Which can fire her up. 


If planned to play, this Pink Maid Lingerie Is a Good Choice to Be Good Chastity Maid. 

Pink Chastity Sissy Look.



Made with pink color, make the submissive look entirely like a servant maid. Designed with chains, it gives a full feeling to show the partner is completely in the lock. It will be fun if the couple tries the chastity play with the Male Maid Pink Lingerie Suit.

Doggy Pet Look.

Try to put a pet-like look on the male Chastity partner, from the mask to the Collar, so that the whole face looks like a Server Or Completely Submissive and be the Pet Dog of the Mistress Dom.


Doggy Play Look



Wearing a doggy mask muzzle (the muzzle made with PU leather, breathable, and easy to use ) that makes the submissive completely in control, The chastity belt is really necessary to make the denial orgasm.

Step 2->Tease the Submissive to cum.

When the partner was wearing look like the completely a submissive, The Mistress can begin to tease the sub. Make the Submissive Kneel Down Or Walk Like the Pet, then tease where that can turn the partner on.

It‘s important and necessary to have good communication with the partner and hit where make her/him excited. With a full understanding of the partner, then it is to play and can find a good way to tease the partner and help reach sexual excitement. 

Different couples use different ways to turn them on; The couple play needs to hit the right point and make it go. So communication is necessary. With perfect communication of both sides, the chastity can go with excitement.

Step 3-> Use Chastity Cage To Hit The High Point.

The mistress always feels excited, When The submissive has been teased to wanna go into Sexual desire but Being denied. Some high-level players use Chastity Cage to make denied orgasm. The submissive goes into an Extreme hunger for waiting goes into intercourse, but not being allowed.

To help get this point of feeling, Chastity Cage With Lock Or Chastity Strap-On Pegging Can help the Chastity Play. The Mistress Hold The Key, The Mistress Always Called Keyholder. 

Some Mistress Enjoy the processing of seeing her partner cum in the Chastity Cage.


Finally, For Whom may interest in joining the chastity play, it‘s important and necessary to listen to the partner’s voice and have good communication, and coordinate together to have a good sexual experience from both sides. Except for excitement from the body, the abilities that to feel to be loved is necessary.

Talk more and listen to the partners, have more communications, Then The Sex chastity Play can hit another level.

Love & Sex never feel apart.