How To Be A Good Chastity Sissy To The Mistress


Male chastity has something very appealing about it. Therefore, it is not surprising that wearing chastity devices is very appealing to every chastity sissy.


Being a sissy involves fully accepting that stunningly feminine and gentle side of yours. Some consider it a thrill while others fully accept it as a part of their unique persona. Being a chastity sissy leads to enhanced humiliation levels and excites your Keyholder while allows to you experience exactly what you desire– the need to be degraded and dominated


Wearing the sissy cage allows you to experience liberation and constriction simultaneously. Wearing male chastity devices keeps you from getting too aroused and prevents orgasms, thus leading you to be more obedient, meek and submissive.

Most Sissy Cock Cage

Coming to the chastity male belt , you have endless options at your disposal. However, we are all aware of the types that work best for feminine, submissive, tender sissies.


A sissy that is fully committed should always try their best to look desirable, sexy and as feminine as possible. Achieving full feminization should be the end goal, which is the reason cages suitable for that boy-clit are so important.


Using a chastity male belt will allow you to be not just feminine but also obedient. You will be submissive and appear girly.

Can’t Go Wrong With Pink!

Pink is always the best choice because it represents feminism.Any shade of pink ranging from baby pink to bold fuschia will enhance your femininity and make you look sleek and soft.


Sure, you can find sissy chastity devices in all the colors but pink will always remain a classic. Using pink chastity cages will shrink your large and useless cock into something that is delicious and petite. Sometimes you need to shrink to expand your world.


Pink is considered a gentle color and it radiates calmness. It is also associated with tenderness, nurture and kindness. It is a vibrant and joyful color radiating all the qualities a good submissive sissy should have.

Embrace Your Girly Side

Why just stop here? Why not put some extra effort to make yourself as girly as possible. You can utilize accessories such as clit cages with purple, pink, rose gold and lavender bows, ribbons, and jewels.


While a pink cage with rainbows and glitters sounds amazing but it is not enough. To complete the classification process, you should always be aware of what you wear and how you speak and act. Becoming a sissy is a 24/7 job and if you want to be as girly as possible, you need to be at the top of your game.

What to Wear

A sissy should dress appropriately. Once you have found the most suitable male chastity device, it’s time for you to pick the right clothes.


Of course, you need feminine clothes but there are several variations and you need to select the outfit that fits both your personality and taste. Put some thought in selecting your dress so you can have the most amazing chastity femdom experience.

Clothes Coordination

You should focus on having a visual impact with your fashion. Living a sissy life means having a coordinated outfit and chastity male device. Sissy chastity requires you to strip up every male aspect and cleanse your mind, body and wardrobe. Having the proper mindset is the most important thing.

Choose the Right Fabric

For the ultimate chastity femdom experience, pick your outfits by enlisting the help of your Keyholder. After all, you are the obedient sissy girl who lives for his Keyholders satisfaction. So if the Keyholders pick silk, you must go with it. Velvet, tulle, satin, lace and silk are the most girly fabrics.


You can use the best outfit but without proper accessories your chastity femdom is incomplete. Having a stunning pair of high heels can prove to be the cherry on the top. Apart from heels, using silicone breastplates and padded bras can also give your body a more curvier and femine look.

You should not neglect putting on makeup. Make your cheeks pink and glowing to the ultimate experience. Never underestimate the value of properly accessorizing.  

How to Act

The way you act ultimately defines your chastity sissy experience. To be the perfect sissy, you need to act like a proper lady and be completely submissive. The way you act will enhance the experience for both you and your Keyholder so be very mindful of how you are supposed to act.




A Good Sissy is Always Careful

A good sissy keeps an eyes on how and what they eat. If your Keyholders allows you to have a meal during the play session, be sure to sit properly and eat with manners. Take small and delicate bites and chew your food with your mouth closed. Ladies are elegant and so should a good sissy.

It’s Not All About Sex

A good chastity sissy is not just focused on the sexual experience. You should also be involved in the household chores as well. Cooking, Ironing and cleaning are also the part of chastity femdom experience. Even if your Keyholder doesn’t demand you to do any chores, you should still do them. If you are allowed any free time by your Keyholder, you should spend it doing girly things.

Language to Use

Language is one of the most important aspects of chastity sissy experience. Never call yourself a man or use curse words. Your language should be smooth and submissive. Also only respond to your Keyholder when they call you by your chastity nicknames.

Pet Names And Nicknames

Most Keyholders prefer to use nicknames and pet names for their submissives A good chastity sissy can be called anything ranging from girl-toy, slut, bitch, cockslut etc to good old sissy, little girl, girly boy etc. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to deciding a nickname for yourself. The nickname process should involve both you and your Keyholder to choose the best possible name.

Having Sissy Sex

You are horny all the time because you are denied orgasm and like a good old sissy with a locked penis inside a chastity male belt you should be feeling the urge to satisfy yourself. Because you are in need of release, you are in a very specific submissive mindset. Your Keyholder will precisely want you in this state because it makes you more controllable.


Consent Is Everything

Being a male chastity slut means you won’t be allowed to cum and feel gratified for a very long time so you might turn desperate. For a wholesome male chastity experience, you should do everything with consent of your Keyholder. Don’t try to stop being submissive and just think about satisfying your Keyholder.



To Sum it Up

Being a good chastity sissy involves a lot more than just wearing a chastity male belt. It is a complete lifestyle and you should focus on improving each aspect of your body and personality for the ultimate chastity femdom experience. Simply looking feminine is not all, you should also be gentle and soft in the ways you speak and act.