How To Play Rope Bunny

Rope bunny is popular for soft DDLG BDSM players; The Princess side plays like a cute bunny, Be the Daddy Dom‘s Little Girl. Nobody can deny that sexual life is an important way to enhance affection between couples. It‘s a special way to express love and possession. 

How to play rope Bunny?

Dressing like a Sexy Bunny Girl is enough and to trigger the desire. To be possessed by the daddy Domme, which makes the dominator excited. Be his girl, his princess, and daddy dom has complete possession of the little girl.

Love is of three varieties: unselfish, mutual, and ordinary or selfish. The couple who show interested in playing Rope Bunny in Sexual life really says that both sides devoted all passion to the affection. It‘s unselfish, and it expresses power between the relationship, which ties both sides together and brings the heart closer.

How to look like a bunny for a princess? Let’s move a little bit closer to the Sexual part.

A bunny ear will help. Wear a long rabbit on the headband, make a girl look more girly and look more like a cute rabbit pet. Onsight, the bunny girl, looks so sweet and adorable, the daddy domme gives care and affection. 

Here‘s the recommendation of Bunny Ear Band, All made with good quality.

Of course, the Bunny Lingerie illuminated the sex desire of both sides. Here‘s the Best Bunny Lingerie, Made With Cotton & Polyester, Durable Material, Which help to sketch the sexy girly figure. 

Rope Bunny Lingerie

A collar with a chain is important too, which makes the girl really like a pet bunny that really turns the Daddy On in the bedroom. Here‘s the Good Collar that Bondage Into Love recommended here:

 Pet Collar 


Never forget a butt plug with a Tail. It is a great tail to tease the Dominator; Swag the tail in front of him, Especially a long tail, completely no excuse to reject the princess.


Rope Bunny Tail - Rubber



Some couples prefer more kinky play for sexual life, such as Anal fetish, completely sex addict, Or some girl wants to play more like a slut to enjoy the High point, Be his Slut only, for some girl, it is a necessary part to hit the orgasm. Sometimes the kinks meme or kinks words is the most effective way to express the desire of the vagina. Or some girl will say kink words when the right part of the body is hit. 

For Anal Fetish, Bondage Into Love Has prepared the Dimond Anal Beads, 

easy to use and hit the anal points, made with Rubber Or Stain Steel, With Which never do harm to the body, make it possible completely to enjoy the Sex part.

 Anal Beads - Diamond


How to turn the partner on?

After finishing the clothes part, then dive into the play part? How to tease the partner? Suppose that the princess wearing like a Bunny, with all of the devices has been prepared, and surprise her partner, that will definitely turn him on! No man can reject a cute bunny girl, especially the bunny girl who belongs to him only. No man can reject the Sexy Bunny Look. That will certainly turn him on. 

Be a good Domme, kiss every inch of her skin, and tease where she feels sensitive. And turn her on. Kissing every inch of her skin is a great way to show affection. For some girls, teasing the Clit is important; there‘s really some percentage of girls can get the orgasm via the vagina, they are ignited via being teasing Clit.

Teasing Clit Brush  



Finally, Have a good time & Enjoy the wonderful sex time.